Using Jenny Lane’s play “Harlowe” as source material, I collaborated with filmmaker and photographer Jeanette Sweetman to create this experimental short film.

Shelley recently shot a GCI commercial.

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Not Medea

Not Medea
by Allison Gregory
NNPN Rolling World Premiere
A classic story of modern motherhood.
A working single-mother gets one night to herself; she escapes to the theatre and becomes part of the performance as she struggles with keeping the secrets of her past. Can she write her own story, as she steals the spotlight at the theatre, or does she become the myth she’s woven into on stage? This contemporary riff on the Greek classic asks surprising questions about motherhood, marriage, adoption. Surprisingly funny and tragically honest, Not Medea is the show you did not know you meant to see.


Agatha Gone screening in West Hollywood

Agatha Gone will be screening at the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference Mini-Film Festival as part of the Platform series with other emerging filmmakers. Come out! Our portion of of the screening starts at 8:30 Link to RSVP and more details here: http://conta.cc/1WMHyq1 (I think you can just come with out RSVP tbh) @ West Hollywood City Council Chambers 625 N. San Vicente Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Agatha Gone, photo by Agnes Thor

PETE’s R3 through February 3rd at Headwaters Theater

R3 is a radical re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Richard III as told by the story’s women, engulfed in a nightmare world of power, politics and war, R3 is a story that is both timely and timeless. Do monsters exist in humanity? What do our contemporary monsters look like? And who is responsible for their creation? R3 will be performed by a company of six: one male and five female performers. The play will be told through the point of view of the Queens – Elizabeth, Margaret, Lady Anne, The Duchess of York – in their desperate attempts to gain the crown and power for their men. These powerless subjects, whose voices have been shut down by history, confront Richard, the performer and master of deceit, as a character that delights in making us his accomplices while at the same time threatening our essence as human beings.

PETE Premieres R3 – Directed by Gisela Cardenas
Thursday – Sunday. January 17 – February 3. 7:00pm
Headwaters Theater, Portland OR

Queen Margaret and Buckingham